Preserving the Environment in Fairhope, Alabama: A Guide to Making a Difference

From the sun-kissed beaches to the ancient oak trees, the Bay Area of Fairhope, Alabama is home to an extraordinary ecosystem that needs to be safeguarded and revitalized. Conservationists are encouraging everyone to start small and make a difference, from collecting rainwater for everyday use to managing stormwater in our towns. John's aerial journey takes him through coastal swamps, barrier islands and shorelines, capturing hard-to-see areas and marine life that require attention. These images are then sent to organizations such as the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Mobile Baykeeper, the Alabama Coastal Foundation, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Port of Mobile, and tourism and economic development groups. The mission of the GCCC group is to give voice to those whose faith and the environment are intertwined.

Kim Burmeister has been a planning and enforcement agent for the City of Fairhope's zoning codes for more than 14 years. She ensures that the city meets or exceeds the minimum control measures established each year in the Stormwater Management Program Plan. This is achieved through stormwater outreach and education, construction site inspections, monitoring of illegal discharges, and post-construction stormwater management. Lorie Ward is an environmental defender thanks to her company, Fairhope Juice Company. At their store on Scenic 98 Street, all drinks come in reusable glass bottles.

But the recycling doesn't stop there; even the pulp is reused and sent to the End of the Road farm for composting and animal consumption, or to a soap company called No Soap. Joe Womack is working to protect Africatown from industrial incursions. He plans to beautify the streets and homes of Africatown, provide quality living standards, preserve the community's first public school for African Americans and maintain the culture and heritage of an almost forgotten town. When asked what others can do, Womack replies: “You can donate money or you can donate your time. Africatown isn't one of the most funded communities, so all we need is a little compassion to make our home as safe and sustainable as anywhere else.”Mobile Bay faces an uphill battle over environmental challenges.

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